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Enterra GEC Ltd. is a private geo-environmental consulting company, based in Israel.


The company was founded in 2009 by Michal Laskow, a hydrogeologist with vast local and international experience in the past decade and a half. Michal has rich experience with execution, supervision and management of dozens of project in Israel and overseas. This includes serving as a national consultant and supervisor for contamination investigations and treatments held at fuel stations (for the Israeli Ministry of Environment), and a contaminated sites specialist for the Israeli standard for sustainable building at industrial districts (SI 5281) (for the Israeli council for green building). Michal manages the company and keeps advancing it forward with professional integrity and credibility. 


The company's expertise is contaminated sites investigation & remediation. The company is dedicated to reliably define and cost-effectively treat soil and groundwater contaminations, with client-specific and site-specific orientation. We deliver comprehensive management for all stages of investigation and remediation, whilst giving high priority to our client's resources and continuous support along the way.

Our professional staff holds advanced academic degrees in geology and environmental sciences, and is strengthened by ongoing professional training. Our professional tools and technological equipment are also continuously and diligently updated – always according to the highest market standards.

The company operates under a quality management system and not only implementing national & international professional standards – we actively promote them.

We aim for professional flexibility and creativity, and together with our international business partnerships we can deliver and develop effective and custom solutions, even ones outside the box. Our high professional quality and reliability offer our clients peace of mind, in the short and long term.


Vision and values


Smart planning with effective results

We believe that any environmental problem has a solution, not necessarily an expensive one and not a temporary one, but a long term suitable solution. Our investigative process is founded on achieving maximum data with minimal resources and our remediation process is founded on achieving maximum effectiveness with minimal resources. We believe in doing things right the first time around – our clients already know this can save them precious time and valuable on-site costs.


Devotion and flexibility

We believe no two problems are the same – each problem, even if it belongs to the same client, depends on many variables. This is why we are devoted to understand our client's needs and perspective, and act on minimizing gaps with regulators. We are also continuously updated on local & international professional standards, regulations and science developments, and lead changes for advancing investigative and remediation methods quality. This is the power that enable us to provide flexible and creative solutions to the benefit of our clients.


​Low uncertainty and tailor-made solution

We believe that the basis for an effective solution is rooted in a reliable depiction of a problem. That's why we deliver high-resolution services and meticulously define the problems standing in front of our clients – contamination wise and current & future regulation wise. Our efforts in defining problems with high-resolution not only minimizes uncertainty but also allows to fit proper solutions. We tailor each client and each problem a custom solution.

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