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ESA I – Historic site investigation


Environmental Site Assessment Phase I (ESA I) is an investigative stage that delivers a qualitative picture for contamination at a site. Various data, dozens of years back in time, is gathered and processed. This data includes activities on site, contaminants usage on site, hydrogeological conditions and more. After further analysis, conclusions on the potential for on-site contamination are made together with on the fate and transport potential of contaminants from- and to- the site.


Our client get a reliable picture and uncertainties are minimized even at this preliminary stage!


Another added value is savings on next stages costs!


ESA II – Intrusive soil gas and soil investigation


Environmental Site Assessment Phase II (ESA II) is an investigative stage that can identify and qualify soil and/or groundwater contamination at a site. According to the defined potential for on-site contamination, contamination sources are spatially located and characterized. This stage answers question: is the site's soil contaminated.

A soil-gas investigation is also prepared during redevelopment, to answer the question: does the planned building needs to be protected against toxic vapor intrusion.


The company supplies all investigative services: plans, drilling, sampling, laboratory testing & reports


We always maintain the best cost-benefit ratio for our clients!

Groundwater monitoring

Groundwater monitoring


An investigative stage that can qualify groundwater contamination sourced at a site. According previous investigations, the source can be located, and its spatial distribution is analyzed together with the saturated zone characteristics gathered. This stage answers question: are the site's groundwater contaminated.


The company supplies all investigative services: plans, drilling, sampling, laboratory testing & reports


We always maintain the best cost-benefit ratio for our clients!

Field work

The company supplies all professional services in the process of investigation and remediation for sites suspected for contamination, including: drilling, sampling, field testing and laboratory testing.

All services are executed according to local regulations and with laboratories accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 by the Israeli Laboratory Accreditation Authority (ISRAC) or the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC).

Field work

Risk assessment & risk management

Dealing with contaminated sites can be through calculated risks instead of treatment according to strict national screening levels. In Israel, this option is only recently available (IRBCA). Risk based target levels (for human health and/or ecological) can be calculated using site specific characterization, which includes: contaminants analysis, their fate & transport and exposure pathways to receptors (i.e. tenants, workers etc.). After the risks are defined, they can be managed in different ways (including, but not necessarily, with remediation).  


This optional way usually consists of higher investigation costs (consulting and field work) but lower remediation costs.

Risk assessment

Soil & groundwater remediation

The treatment stage for contaminations at a site (whether according to strict national screening levels or site specific risk based target levels). The treatment can be executed in the contaminated zone (in-situ) or by excavating it and treating it off site (ex-situ) or in the site (on site). The remediation can be based on physical, biological or chemical technologies (or a combination of two or more).


The company supplies all remediation services: plans, field work, sampling, laboratory testing & reports


Together with our international business partnerships and an experience of dozens of different remediation technologies, we examine effective methods (for the contamination and the site conditions), costs and timetables, so our clients benefit from the optimum alternative for them.

Expert opinions & reviews

Professional expert opinions & reviews

We offer different reviews on subjects such as soil and groundwater contamination sources, contamination quantities, and remediation methods and costs. These reviews are given usually under financial or litigation circumstances, e.g.:

- Professional reviews

- Professional litigation support & expert opinions

- Court appointed professional expert opinions

We tailor the scope to the needs and issue at hand, present findings and conclusions in an easy to understand way, and provide a grounded basis for decision making – always reliably and objectively.

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